Pizza The Pie

A fast-action pizza puzzle game by Karaverse

Pizza The Pie
(iPhone / iPad)
Pizza The Pie
Pizza The Pie - FD
(Free on iPhone / iPad)
Pizza The Pie, The Game
You're an aspiring home cook who wants nothing more than to become the greatest pizza chef in the world. Learn to combine both classic and unconventional toppings to create the most delicious styles of pizza from around the world. Your customers are hungry so don't keep them waiting – and don't serve them the wrong slice!
Pizza The Pie In Action
50 Levels
Story Mode
Time Trial Mode
Endless Mode
Multiple Themes
25+ Unique Toppings
20+ Pizza Styles
No In-App Purchases
Gameplay Modes
In story mode, you'll travel across different locations around the globe including Canada, USA, Japan, and various regions in Europe. Each destination has its own pizza styles and toppings based on real local recipes. Adventure mode starts off easy but it won't take long until you need to perform combos to survive the rush hour frenzy. The various gameplay modes will have you battle the timer, serve as many hungry clients as possible, clearing out bad slices from your competitors and more.

Endless mode is a classic puzzle mode similar to old-school games like Tetris. Simply complete as many pizzas as you can without losing.

Time Trial mode is coming in Q1 2019. In this new mode, you face the clock and try to complete as many pizza slices as possible within the time limit. Combos add a few precious seconds to the timer so place your toppings strategically.
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